Quittin Spittin Book & Two MP3 Audio Downloads


Ask yourself if you really want to quit.  Without your total commitment to quitting, you might as well give this book to a friend who sincerely wants to stop.  Or just keep smoking and put this book away until you are very sincere about quitting.  This process is for individuals who are truly ready to be people who used to use tobacco.

This book is about action.  It contains activities designed to create results.  The game plan requires your fullest participation.  So read on and choose to enter into a simple process that will positively change your life from this moment on.

The meditation CD downloads Meeting Your Tobacco Addict and It Is Done are a very important part of the  Quittin’ Spittin’ process. Listening to these meditations will cement your healing and help you generate the ability to become and remain A Man Who Used to Chew.

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This book tackles a very difficult area that has not been addressed in this format before: the emotional addiction to smoking.  Renée Miereanu’s process is comprehensive, providing innovative techniques to help the smoker quit.  This excellent book is accompanied by equally excellent CDs that the person who is to become a former smoker will find enjoyable and important.

Fredrick J.  Evans, Ph.  D. 

Executive Director of Pathfinders, Consultants of Human Behavior, Belle Mead, N.J. 

Dr.  Evans is the former President of the International Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, U.M.D.N.J.  at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.