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Renée can help you to:

  • Abolish Jealousy and Anger
  • Clarify and Improve Relationships
  • Control Weight and Eating Habits
  • Develop Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Discover Life Purpose and Higher Self
  • Effective Selling and Rapport Skills
  • Enthusiasm and Assertiveness
  • Exam Preparation
  • Goals and Motivation
  • Grief Counseling
  • Look At Dependency and Love Addiction
  • Resolve Sexual Dysfunction
  • Shed Shyness and Insomnia
  • Solve Fears and Regrets
  • Stress Management
  • Sports and Theatrical Performance
  • Stop Chewing Tobacco
  • Stop Smoking … Breathe
  • Twelve Step Counseling
  • Understand Yourself and Others
  • and Much, Much, More

H How often have you said, “I’d really love to stop using tobacco, but I can’t! It’s just too difficult!” And, secretly you have told yourself, “I am afraid to stop.”

Please realize that you are not alone. Millions of people want to quit using tobacco products, but think they can’t. Millions of people are fearful about quitting and frightened to admit that they are terrified to try. Many thought they couldn’t quit and yet they did, for good, with my Breathe and Quittin’ Spittin’ methods!

I know the obstacles too well; I was a heavy smoker for twenty years myself before stopping for good. I never could have developed this program without having my own experience of being physically addicted to nicotine and emotionally addicted to my tobacco rituals that assisted me to not be present and feel my emotions. I thought if I didn’t have tobacco I would, at the least, go crazy. Well, I realized there was an easy way to quit; I used what I created, because it was ME who was going to suffer. I didn’t suffer at all … and I quit for good. So can you!

Knowing the freedom and health that comes with quitting, it is my great pleasure to share this effective and surprisingly easy quitting process with you. Be assured of this great news: You will not experience physical withdrawals and you will get to use tobacco to quit tobacco!

I began my therapy and counseling practice in 1981 and quickly realized I had a wonderful talent to assist people with addictions to tobacco so I began to design the Breathe method. Since then, I have worked with thousands of people who were literally terrified to stop, but were able to stop more easily and gently than they could have imagined, and for good, when they followed this simple program. Many I have assisted used to think, “Not me. I’ll probably use tobacco the rest of my life even if it becomes illegal, even if the cost doubles triples or quadruples. I just won’t because I cannot quit.”

I’m not sure if you know this but tobacco is considered by the scientific community to be a drug, like any other addictive substance. You may have tried to stop before and couldn’t stop for long. Well, I want you to know that it is easy to quit when you use these proven methods that I (with the help of many of my successful clients over the years) have designed. If you are willing and inspired, you will become A Person Who Used to Use Tobacco.

These books and recordings instruct you how, using three simple activities that are designed to create results, once and for all, for good! It’s easy when you know how… in the order I have designed them … you will quit comfortably and easily.

Keeping it simple and slow with intension is the Master Key to your success. This process absolutely requires your fullest participation. Remember, your life and health depends on it – and this time for good!

More About Renée Miereanu

Renee Miereanu

Renée Miereanu

Renée Miereanu began her private practice in Hawaii in 1981. She now resides and works in Ashland, Oregon. Utilizing self-hypnosis training, guided meditation, and cognitive and transpersonal techniques combined with personal counseling. She creates customized approaches for each individual client and student to transform their problems into strengths. She specializes in tobacco cessation, weight control, sports performance, relationship counseling, stress management, insomnia prevention, abuse issues and much, much more.

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