Imagine, for a moment now, as you are reading, that you can smell and are biting into a large, yellow, ripe, juicy lemon. just pretend that your teeth have ripped through the lemony flesh … feel the sour/sweet juice exploding in your mouth. Make believe you can taste the liquid on your tongue and palate. Feel the slightly acidic flavor as it mildly penetrates to your nose and mouth. Now, have a drink of water to wash it all away.

You have now demonstrated to yourself that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. As you imagined all this did you begin to salivate? Did your mouth begin to pucker? While reading anything, after just a few sentences, as you imagine the visuals, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings, you actually choose to encounter and experience minor and sometimes deep stages of hypnosis. Even the most gifted professional cannot do anything for the client that he or she is not willing to do for themselves. Hypnosis is always up to you. You now know why Renee’s clients understand that they are always in complete control of themselves.

Almost everyone goes in and out of hypnosis many times every day. The body is relaxed, the mind is alert and without distraction as we enter into a natural state of self-hypnosis. We read, watch TV, listen to the radio, go to the movies, drive automobiles and exercise nearly every 24 hour period of our lives. And did you know just before sleep and just after awakening our brain wave cycles slow and we become self-hypnotized?

People who are most successful with Ms. Miereanu believe that hypnosis is possible and are motivated and willing to relax enough to alter their state of consciousness. Hypnosis combined with counseling and your commitment to personal growth and change can certainly be most helpful.

  • Abolish jealousy and anger
  • Clarify and improve relationships
  • Control weight and eating habits
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover Life purpose and higher self
  • Effective selling and rapport skills
  • Enthusiasm and assertiveness
  • Exam preparation
  • Goals and motivation
  • Grief counseling
  • Look at dependency and love addiction
  • Resolve sexual dysfunction
  • Shed shyness and insomnia
  • Solve fears and regrets
  • Stress management
  • Sports and theatrical performance
  • Stop chewing tobacco
  • Stop smoking … Breathe
  • ” Twelve Step” counseling
  • Understand yourself and others