Renée Miereanu

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, American Counsel of Hypnotist Examiners  #CHT881-493, 1981

Board Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Board Of Hypnotist Examiners

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, 1993

Spiritual Care Volunteer with Asante Rogue Valley Regional Medical Center and Asante Ashland Hospital since 2013 ~ Present


End Your Nicotine Addiction

Knowing the freedom and health that comes with
quitting, it is my great pleasure to share this effective and
surprisingly easy quitting process with you. Be assured:
you will not experience physical withdrawals

  • This method prepares you to quit.
  • Removes the nicotine addiction.
  • Assists you in observing your emotional addiction to nicotine.
  • Aids in finding support through the process of quitting.
  • Teaches you how to carefully plan prevention of relapse.
  • Helps you learn how to build a healthier lifestyle by instructing you in deep relaxation, stress management, weight control, anger management and improved communication skills.
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Renée Miereanu is delightful. She has developed a program utilizing her powerful, innovative, and proven successful procedures for stopping tobacco products. Anyone who is motivated to kick the habit can easily follow Ms. Miereanu’s instructions to a successful culmination! Utilizing the power of self-hypnosis combined with aspects of many other therapies, as Gestalt, Inner Child Dialogue, Neurolinguistics and Transactional Analysis, Ms. Miereanu has devised a superb technique. From her explanation of the detox program to her section entitled “It Is Done,” the reader can only be delighted with the results.

Eleanor S. Field, Ph.D., Founding President of the Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis, a full member of the American and International Societies of Clinical Hypnosis. AMI Tarzana Regional Medical Center staff and California licensed psychologist, marriage family therapist and hypnotherapist.

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Listen to Renée's interview on NPR's show "The Human Condition" as she discusses her approach to curing nicotine addiction.

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